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Our K-12 Programs

Social Express

Social Emotional Learning

  • Award Winning Program!
  • 81 Interactive Animated Lessons
  • Research Based
  • For Classroom or 1:1
  • Grade Leveled Quizzes
  • Progress Reports

Cool School

Prevent Bullying in Your School!

  • Elementary Learners
  • Research Based
  • For Classroom or 1:1
  • Covers the 4 Types of Bullying
  • Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Turn Key Curriculum

Teen Career Path

Career Exploration Made Easy!

  • Target students' interests and strengths
  • Enhance transition planning
  • Reduce the cost & logistics associated with job shadowing/career training
  • Provide repeated practice opportunities to learn job-specific concepts, vocabulary and skills
  • Maximize likelihood of meaningful employment